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The Vulcan Crew Chiefs. A little above the normal ground crew but not aircrew. Signed for the aircraft at the start of each shift and took over the engineering responsibility for the entire aircraft and tradesmen. Flew with the aircraft when it was to land away from base. Some trips could be easy and some quite difficult. At times, a lot of hard work was needed to get the aircraft back to base. A lot of the success was just knowing where to kick the "damn thing."
Most crew chiefs would say that they enjoyed their tour and I think they
would do it all over again if they had the chance


14th October 1975
XM645 Crash at Zabbar, Malta

We remember all 5 crew members lost in this tragic accident including 2 Crew Chiefs:
Chf Tech Gordon Barrow and Sgt Peter Atkins

Abe Abrahams

I regret to advise the death of Richard "Abe" Abrahams who I am advised passed away on Tuesday 22nd September 2020 after a long and hard illness

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